Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan

Sheepey Race Lamborghini Huracan on our Matte Bronze CX2’s..

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Brada Wheels is a brand focused on superlative designs with the most modern technical details and precise manufacturing. Our designs and our team with over 70 years of combined wheel industry experience provides the best wheels in its class. We have innovated styles with elegance, performance and detailed craftsmanship with zero compromise. Brada wheels, are 100% designed, engineered and produced in-house.


DYMAG® founded in the United Kingdom with motorsport roots; the company has a long history of undertaking complex design and manufacturing projects for automotive and motorcycle clients. DYMAG® have been racing and pioneering the path for wheelrims since 1975. With over 45 years of wheel design experience grounded in the top level motorsport and over 25 years working with carbon fiber wheel technologies. Working alongside some of the most powerful brands in automotive brands such as McLaren and Fisker.

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Each set of Brada Forged wheels are meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted in our Southern California Facility. Our team at Modular Velge with over 70 years of combined forged wheel experience allows us to have full control over the quality of our process.


Each order goes through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing to ensure the most optimal combination of lightweight, durability, and strength.

Once the profile is completed, the forgings are then turned over to the mill process. The mill process is where the design comes to life.

As mill cycles run through a series of pre-selected tool sets and milling paths that can take up to 8 hours per wheel to achieve the utmost precision.

The assembly stage is one of the most critical stages in the manufacturing stage. First step is to check the run-out of every wheel to guarantee the wheels are balanced to eliminate vibrations and wobbling.

We chose to use Digital Snap-On® Torque Wrenches vs generic torque wrenches. One of the advantages is that it can more precisely control the amount of torque that’s applied to a bolt without losing any torque capacity.