Available Sizes & Finishes:
Twill Carbon Fiber or Forged Carbon - Gloss or Dry Available - Diameters: 19" | 20" | 21" | 22" | 23" - Starting at $4800ea


01. 2-Piece

Our Carbon Elite Dymag Wheels are made in a 2-piece configuration giving you the ability to get a deep-concave center on a carbon fiber hoop.


02. Carbon | Aluminum

Using only the best carbon wheel manufacture based in the UK (DYMAG). We combined their carbon hoops with our 6061 T6 Aero Space Forged Aluminum wheel centers using 100% made in the USA materials.


03. Life-Time

Every wheel at Brada Wheels are engineered-FEA Tested-manufactured and assembled in-house. This allows us to carefully check every detail of the wheel process allowing us to offer a lifetime structural warranty with zero compromises.

Formed in 1974 by Max Boxstrom, DYMAG has led the way in wheel design and manufacture for over 40 years. DYMAG’s team have been making carbon motorcycle wheels since 1995 and carbon hybrid automotive wheels since 2004. On track and road, our cutting-edge technologies have been developed to meet the rigours of the world’s toughest racing from Formula 1 to the Dakar Rally. We are always innovating with lightweight carbon composites combined with forged aluminium and magnesium materials.


Our hybrid wheels feature a carbon fibre rim with a high performance forged aluminum center-piece which gives an unrivalled blend of safety (meeting world-wide safety standards including TÜV), lightweight performance and market leading aesthetics.

Our fourth generation carbon wheels feature unique patented technologies that ensure long term durability and safe failure modes, even under extreme impacts; outperforming equivalent aluminium wheels. They are up to 40% lighter than cast wheels and 25% lighter than forged monobloc wheels, which gives significant advantages in handling, acceleration, EV range and even acoustics.